Is Nerium AD Safe?

 Is Nerium AD Safe? 

As with anything we read on the internet, there is a lot of uninformed or miss communicated  information floating around.  It’s important to take into account the qualifications of those who write blogs, perform product reviews and publish articles.

Nerium AD has been through years of  clinical trials and safety testing.  Even more reassuring, the Nerium Oleander Extract has been studied for well over 10 years in the United States.   When talking about the safety of Nerium AD the only “unique” ingredient to question is the patent pending extract.   The Oleander plant has a chemical called a cardiac glycoside which has the potential to cause effects to the heart.  In testing the product, it was proven that there isn’t enough oleander in an entire bottle to cause any effect with the heart.

Even more reassuring, throughout  all of the Nerium AD trials they determined Nerium AD doesn’t reach the blood stream; they could not find any evidence of Oleandrin or any cardiac glycoside present in the plasma.  Further more, the clinical trial participants had no effects shown to blood pressure or heart rate.

A toxicologist stated that a 10kg  (22 lb) child would have to ingest 400 bottles of Nerium AD which would still NOT qualify as a toxic dose.

Please watch the video below to gain more insight and correct information on the safety of Nerium AD and the Oleander plant in general.



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