Nerium Products

 Nerium Products 

Currently, there is only one Nerium Product on the market.  NeriumAD Age Defying Treatment Night Cream.

NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment is formulated to improve the appearance of

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Discoloration
  • Uneven Skin Texture
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Aging Skin

Backed by clinical scientific, results are hitting an average of 30% reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and aging skin.

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Nerium International is currently working on future Nerium Products.   Products currently in research and development include:
• NeriumAD Eye Cream
• NeriumAD Age Spot Cream
• NeriumDerm Blemish Cream
• NeriumDerm Contouring Lotion

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Nerium AD product Review on Discoloration

Nerium AD Product Review, Yes… Men use Nerium AD too!

 NeriumAD product review coming from a man!  Yes, men are loving NeriumAD.

Like Kevin, I noticed similar results with my discoloration around 30 days of use.  As you can see from my photo to the right- the overall facial discoloration was greatly improved in 30 days.

NeriumAD is shown to reduce the appearance of

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Discoloration
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Uneven Texture
  • Aging Skin

During the clinical trials, Nerium AD showed an average of 30% reduction in the above skin issues in 30 days.

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Nerium AD Product Review

 Nerium AD product Review 

Looking for Nerium AD reviews?  Meet this trial participant and see what she thinks of Nerium AD.

NeriumAD is clinically proven to show a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores, uneven texture and aging skin.  This participant was evaluated and her skin was analyzed by not only anti-aging experts but facial analysis technology.

This is one happy Nerium AD customer!

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Nerium AD offers a money back guarantee.  For more information on the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee click here.




Nerium AD Reduced My Forehead Wrinkles

Nerium ADworks!  It’s clinically proven to reduce the appearance of Forehead Wrinkles as well as

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Discoloration
  • Uneven Texture
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Aging skin

Forehead wrinkles are often difficult to treat.  At times, injecting BOTOX into the horizontal forehead wrinkles can cause your eyebrows to become droopy.

Try the alternative, Nerium AD.  This Night Cream can give you results similar without the risk of an expressionless forehead and droopy eyebrows.

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Does Nerium AD work?

 Does NeriumAD Work?

Every human wants immediate gratification.  We want to see products work overnight.  Or a new workout routine or diet~ to show instant results.  For most people, if they can’t see results in a week or so they abandon the efforts.

A great skin care regimen is no different.  In our late 20′s we started seeing fine lines, in our 30′s those fine lines turned to wrinkles, which eventually turned to deeper wrinkles.  Not to mention the other signs of aging including, age spots, discoloration, uneven texture, enlarged pores and sagging skin.  We’ve had years and years of sun damage, gravity, and other factors working against us.

My Grandmother, a Nerium AD skeptic, was reluctant to give this magic night cream a try.  When I first approached her about Nerium, she stated, “Oh Mandy, I’m 82 years old….. nothing is going to help my skin.  It only works for you because you’re young.”  I made her promise me to use it consistently for at least 1-2 months ~ people of all ages are seeing results so the only way to know— is to try it out yourself!  She agreed!

While the results of Nerium AD are not immediate, with consistent use you will and can begin to see results rather quickly.  Luckily, my Grandmother (the neriumAD skeptic now turned believer) didn’t abandon her nightly NeriumAD routine!

One of her favorite things about NeriumAD is the simplicity of it, “It’s so easy to use, you just apply it after washing your face at night.  It only takes a minute!”

My Grandma is currently in her 8th week of using Nerium AD Night Cream.  She didn’t see much of change in the first week or two.  “My texture seemed smoother but besides that- I saw no other changes.”  As indicated on the bottle, NeriumAD is proven to improve the appearance of uneven texture.  In fact, texture is a big reason why our skin can appear older than it actually is!

At 3 weeks, while at dinner my grandfather told her he could see some changes, her skin looked brighter and healthier, noting slight changes in her crows feet.  Luckily,  I had taken a before photo and we decided to take a 3 week photo to see some of the gradual changes.  (3 week photos shown in the post.  Before, 3 weeks and 6 weeks is the photo to the left)

To her surprise, discoloration on her cheek had lessened.  Wrinkles were starting to decrease and her texture and overall skin appearance was much brighter.

Around the 6 week mark, other family members who hadn’t seen her in awhile were commenting on how great she looked.  We decided to do a 6 week follow-up photo.  We were beyond impressed!  Those photos can be viewed below.

Even though Nerium AD doesn’t work immediately, I would say the results she has seen in 6 weeks is pretty incredible.

We all have insecurities and even at 82 years young she was unhappy with the age spots and other signs of aging.

I love that she was one of the biggest skeptics and now she will never miss a night!

Just like I told my Grandma~ you’ll never know if it works until you try it!  I’m anxiously awaiting the 3 month photos.  Only 4 more weeks to     go.  Stay tuned!


In the meantime, I would love to turn you from NeriumAD skeptic to a Believer.  Promise me a few things though: Take your before photos, use it consistently every night and give it some time to work!  Go ahead and click below to begin your NeriumAD experience.  Don’t worry- they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

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Photo Credit:  My lovely Grandma and the Iphone!


Enlarged Pores- Treatment That Works

 Enlarged Pores 

Pores, we all have them!

These tiny openings are the home of all of our hair follicles.  Wherever we have hair, we will have pores.  These openings are also a method for our skins natural oils to be released; protecting our skin from dehydration.


Why do they appear so big?


Our genetics can play a role in the size of our pores.  Other times, we are to blame.  Improper skin care regimen can lead to dead skin cells on the surface.  Forgetting to wash our face will send make-up/cosmetic  residue straight inside our pores.  This leads them to stretch and exaggerate the appearance.  Sun damage also plays a role as well as the decrease in collagen due to the aging process.



Although we can’t get rid of them, let’s discuss ways to

reduce the appearance of pores.


A good skin care routine will help unplug the build up of debris, reduce oiliness, blackheads and start to close up the pores- reducing the appearance.

A new product, Nerium AD has proven results to reduce the appearance of pores by 30%.

This anti-aging cream is applied nightly.  After washing your face with a mild cleanser, apply to a damp face.  You’ll then go to sleep and rinse off the product with water in the morning.  It’s that simple!



Start reducing the appearance of your pores today!  Even better, Nerium AD will work on more than just your pores. Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and aging skin by 30%!



Nerium AD, Crows Feet Wrinkle Treatment

 Crows Feet  

Crows Feet, the unavoidable signs of aging skin,

Nerium AD can help!


Crows feet, or laugh lines, form on the outside corners of your eyes.  As we age our skin looses collagen and elastin.  As these two things decrease in production, our skin has trouble bouncing back to their original position.  That means, all of our facial expressions, laugh lines and squinting of the eyes  over time can’t rebound back and we end up with crows feet.


Nerium AD, is a new anti-aging skin care product on the market.  Clinical results show a 20-67% reduction in the appearance of  Crows feet.  Where you will fall in the reduction will be based on your skin type.  You might hit the 30% average or you could hit as high as a 50% decrease.



What sets Nerium AD apart from the other anti-aging skin care products on the market is the patient pending NAE-8 extract. This extract has proven scientific results which show a decrease of 30% in the appearance of



Even better, Nerium offers a 30 Day-Money-Back Guarantee.  If you are not happy with your purchase, just contact them and return the product in it’s original packaging and receive your money back.



interested in the business


How did I get these forehead wrinkles

 How Did I Get These Forehead Wrinkles? 

When I was around 28 years-old my forehead wrinkles popped up overnight, or so it seemed….  It’s not uncommon to start noticing the effects of aging skin in our 20′s.   After age 20, our collagen production slows down by 1% each year.  Every day, we use facial expressions to express how we feel or to convey nonverbal communication.  Throughout the day, we could be smiling, laughing, frowning or even crying.  When we’re young, our skin is able to bounce back from all of those expressions.  As we age, with the collagen and elastin production decreasing- our skin eventually has a hard time bouncing back.  Eventually, these expression marks turn from fine lines into wrinkles.  Of course other factors add in the progression of these “worry lines,” such as the sun.


Since we can’t become expression-less, let’s reduce

these pesky forehead wrinkles!


SUNSCREEN:  The sun’s harmful rays accelerate the aging process.  Get into the habit of applying a daily UVA plus UVB – (also known as broad spectrum) sunscreen with an SPF of 30.  Remember, while out in the sun, be sure to re-apply every 2 hours (on average).  If you haven’t read my post on “How Sunscreen Prevents Aging” - it’s a must read.




HYDRATE-  DRINK, DRINK, DRINK… water that is!  Simply drinking more water can hydrate our skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.  Dehydration can make our wrinkles appear more exaggerated.




DIET-  An apple a day, might keep the plastic surgeon away….  Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants.   These antioxidants help fight off things that could be damaging our cells.  By doing so, it will help our skin appear more youthful and radiant; protecting us from the effects of photo-aging.  (accelerated aging caused by the sun).





Moisturize:  While, this might not prevent wrinkles- it can help hydrate your skin.  Hydrating our skin can plump-up fine lines, and give a healthier appearance.  NOTE:   The American Academy of Dermatology states, “Contrary to popular belief, moisturizer does not add moisture to the skin.  Moisturizer traps existing water in the skin, preventing the water from evaporating.  To trap water from a bath or shower in the skin, moisturizer must be applied within 3 minutes of bathing.” 


 What I do and use

For me, a 30-something year old, years of eye brow raising, health worries, and childish sunscreen neglect, etched some premature forehead wrinkles.  To combat their progress, I religiously use a daily Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen with an SPF of 30.  As well as other healthy habits, such as eating fruits and veggies and drinking enough water.

To reverse them- I turned to Nerium AD.  A new Anti-Aging skin care treatment.   Impressed by the clinical research, I gave the 30 day money back guarantee a try.   That’s my real, untouched, forehead photos (taken from my iphone).  I’d say I received between a 20-67% (average of 30% reduction) in the appearance of my wrinkles.   For those of you a bit older; don’t be discouraged.  Nerium AD has helped those in their 40′s, 50′s, 60′s and even 80′s!  In fact, I have my grandmother approaching her 1 month mark of Nerium AD usage.    Check out more photos here.  

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References:  American Academy of Dermatology, Photo Credit:

Aging hands

 Aging Hands 

If you’re ever curious about someones age, just look at their hands.   Hands are one of the most exposed and neglected parts of the human body.  Think about it, our hands see sunlight everyday.  Always exposed to the harmful and age accelerating UVA rays, including while driving with both hands are clenched to the wheel.

Early signs of aging hands can often be noticed at age 40.  If your hands are starting to age, you’re not alone, even celebrities hands age.  Every so often, their “aging hands” will be featured in magazine articles.

Our hands tend to age more rapidly than our face for several reasons

  • Our skin is much thinner on our hands.
  • We don’t have as much fat.
  • The majority of people neglect daily use of sunscreen and other anti-aging measures on their hands.


 Wondering how to REVERSE the HANDS of time? 

While we can’t control the intrinsic aging process that cause the skin on our hands to thin.  We can protect help control the amount of sun damage which causes wrinkles and age spots.  If you’re looking to prolong the hands of youth, the sooner you start- the longer they will retain their youthful appearance.

  • Remember, since our hands encounter the same amount of sun as our face; they need just as much care.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize them every morning with a Broad-Spectrum sunscreen, SPF of 30.
  • Remember, give your hard working hands some love!  Add them to your nightly beauty routine.  Be sure to rub the excess amounts of your anti-aging skincare products onto the hands.
  • Glove up when using house hold irritants and cleansers.  Also, while doing yard work or outdoor projects where they will be further exposed to the sun.


A newer product on the market, Nerium AD is a great anti-aging face cream but is also showing great results on the hands.

Research shows an average reduction of 30% in the appearance of

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Aging Skin (brown spots)
  • Discoloration
  • Texture

If you’re in the market for product that works, give it a try. But, just be sure to add it to your hands!




Why I started selling Nerium AD


On October 3, 2012 a good friend introduced me to Nerium AD.    She  shared the clinical research results and I was surprise to hear it could reduce fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and aging skin by 30%.

At the time, I was most interested in the possible reduction of my discoloration.  For the last couple years I have been battling discoloration on my upper lip, under my eyes as well as a brown line on my abdomen.

My friend had given me a sample to try for 5 days.  As a Registered Nurse and research fanatic I turned to Nerium AD’s research pages and began looking into everything. Once I read through everything- and deemed it safe; I began my trial.  Like with many products, it’s very hard to see results in such a short time frame, so I wasn’t expecting anything.  Around day 3 I noticed the texture of my face was changing, it was much softer and smoother.  On day 5, I gave my friend a call and signed up to become a preferred customer.  I figured I might as well try the product, otherwise I would never know if it was going to work.

My bottle arrived in the mail 3 days later!   Around day 10, I noticed that not only was my texture smoother- I was starting to have a radiant glow.  Similar to effects I’ve seen with a chemical peel.  I still hadn’t noticed any changes with my forehead wrinkles or brown discoloration spots however.

At the 3 week mark, I still wasn’t seeing any changes to my forehead wrinkle but I decided to take a photo anyway and compare the difference.  To my surprise, I noticed a HUGE improvement.

I had also started to notice a reduction in my pore size and some tightening of my skin but my slight discoloration still remained under my eyes and on my upper lip.

A few friends decided to give Nerium a try as well after they noticed some changes in my skin.

Within days of their bottles arriving, they too began to notice a texture change- noting a smoother, softer face.

I was definitely impressed with the product and so far others who had been using it were equally impressed with their results.

At my 1 month mark I decided to re-take my photo again.  This time the results were amazing.  My skin has (or had!)  a lot of discoloration, which I was not even expecting to improve.

After seeing those results, I looked further into the opportunity.  And on November 8, 2012 I decided to become an Independent brand partner with Nerium International.

Why did I decide to join?

  • I tried the product myself and after seeing my own results I knew this product was different, something I’ve never seen before.  I’ve tried my far share of products on the market, including chemical peels and microderm treatments in a physicians office.  But a product at home, that is one step- plus able to see results I knew I had to become involved.

During the first week I had my mom try the product and within 7 days we noticed some pretty good results.  She had a healthier look to skin and some pore minimization.

So far, each individual who has tried the product from me is seeing results.  That is, if I take a good, detailed before photo.

Nerium AD is said to have a 20-67% (average of 30%) reduction in the appearance of

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Discoloration
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Aging Skin
  • Texture

While a 30% reduction sounds like a lot, since you see yourself everyday you are not going to see those changes with your own eyes.   Similar to how family members can loose weight and if we see them daily we aren’t going to notice until the results become dramatic.

Nerium AD is not a magic cream, meaning it’s not going to take your wrinkles away overnight.  People are seeing amazing results but it does take time and changes can be gradual.  In fact everyone is seeing results it’s just a matter of where you’ll fall.  In the 20% or all the way to the 67% range.  That, I can’t answer.  You’ll just have to try it out for yourself!

So, if you are just starting your 5 day trial on Nerium- TAKE YOUR PHOTOS.

  • Make sure the they are clear.
  • Zoomed in on the problem areas.  If they are too far away in the beginning it makes it harder to see the small changes.

At the 2.5 month mark, my abdominal discoloration line, a brown line leading from my belly button down is almost gone!  You can view that photo below.  You might be distracted by the amount of scars on my abdomen – but the line extending from my belly button down was what I was hoping to diminish.

So far, I am enjoying the business opportunity with Nerium International.  Feel free to click below if you have any additional questions and I will get back with you within 24 hours.


 If you would like more information on the Nerium AD product, click here


Click here if you would like more information on the business opportunity with Nerium AD

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