NeriumAD Safety During Pregnancy

Is NeriumAD safe to use for pregnant women?

NeriumAD is considered a safe cosmetic Anti-Aging Night Cream.  Through clinical trials, NeriumAD did not reach the blood stream.  There are no contraindications regarding NeriumAD,  however,  it is important that you run the list of ingredients by your OB-GYN.

By clearing it with your treating physician, you can have the reassurance that Nerium AD will not harm your developing bundle of joy.

I also advise that all pregnant/breastfeeding women using any products (NeriumAD or not)  consult their treating OB-GYN prior to use.

Ingredients: (Print the below form so you can bring it to your next appointment, or fax it into the office for clearance)


Does Nerium AD work?

 Does NeriumAD Work?

Every human wants immediate gratification.  We want to see products work overnight.  Or a new workout routine or diet~ to show instant results.  For most people, if they can’t see results in a week or so they abandon the efforts.

A great skin care regimen is no different.  In our late 20′s we started seeing fine lines, in our 30′s those fine lines turned to wrinkles, which eventually turned to deeper wrinkles.  Not to mention the other signs of aging including, age spots, discoloration, uneven texture, enlarged pores and sagging skin.  We’ve had years and years of sun damage, gravity, and other factors working against us.

My Grandmother, a Nerium AD skeptic, was reluctant to give this magic night cream a try.  When I first approached her about Nerium, she stated, “Oh Mandy, I’m 82 years old….. nothing is going to help my skin.  It only works for you because you’re young.”  I made her promise me to use it consistently for at least 1-2 months ~ people of all ages are seeing results so the only way to know— is to try it out yourself!  She agreed!

While the results of Nerium AD are not immediate, with consistent use you will and can begin to see results rather quickly.  Luckily, my Grandmother (the neriumAD skeptic now turned believer) didn’t abandon her nightly NeriumAD routine!

One of her favorite things about NeriumAD is the simplicity of it, “It’s so easy to use, you just apply it after washing your face at night.  It only takes a minute!”

My Grandma is currently in her 8th week of using Nerium AD Night Cream.  She didn’t see much of change in the first week or two.  “My texture seemed smoother but besides that- I saw no other changes.”  As indicated on the bottle, NeriumAD is proven to improve the appearance of uneven texture.  In fact, texture is a big reason why our skin can appear older than it actually is!

At 3 weeks, while at dinner my grandfather told her he could see some changes, her skin looked brighter and healthier, noting slight changes in her crows feet.  Luckily,  I had taken a before photo and we decided to take a 3 week photo to see some of the gradual changes.  (3 week photos shown in the post.  Before, 3 weeks and 6 weeks is the photo to the left)

To her surprise, discoloration on her cheek had lessened.  Wrinkles were starting to decrease and her texture and overall skin appearance was much brighter.

Around the 6 week mark, other family members who hadn’t seen her in awhile were commenting on how great she looked.  We decided to do a 6 week follow-up photo.  We were beyond impressed!  Those photos can be viewed below.

Even though Nerium AD doesn’t work immediately, I would say the results she has seen in 6 weeks is pretty incredible.

We all have insecurities and even at 82 years young she was unhappy with the age spots and other signs of aging.

I love that she was one of the biggest skeptics and now she will never miss a night!

Just like I told my Grandma~ you’ll never know if it works until you try it!  I’m anxiously awaiting the 3 month photos.  Only 4 more weeks to     go.  Stay tuned!


In the meantime, I would love to turn you from NeriumAD skeptic to a Believer.  Promise me a few things though: Take your before photos, use it consistently every night and give it some time to work!  Go ahead and click below to begin your NeriumAD experience.  Don’t worry- they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

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Photo Credit:  My lovely Grandma and the Iphone!


Nerium AD 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


 Nerium AD 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Wondering how the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee works with Nerium AD?

  • Nerium AD stands behind their product so much that they offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee!  This includes both Retail and Preferred Customer’s.
  • Be sure to keep your original invoice as well as the original packaging.  These are needed when returning Nerium AD.
  • If the product was purchased directly from a Nerium International Brand Partner, please contact them for a refund.  If you purchased from me, you can contact me by clicking here.
  • Contact Nerium International by email at or by phone at 855-463-7486 (855-4-NERIUM) to obtain a Return Preauthorization Number (RPN).  Be sure to have your customer ID ready for them.
  • After you receive your RPN, you have 10 business days to return your bottle of  NeriumAD.
  • Repackage your NeriumAD bottle, along with the original invoice and the sheet below.  Be sure to write the RPN number on the outside of the box.
  • A refund will be processed within 10 business days following the receipt of an authorized return.

If you purchased from me, please contact me and I will help you with the return process.

What is the price of Nerium AD?

How much does Nerium AD cost?

There are two options to purchase Nerium AD, Retail bottle and

Preferred Customer bottle.  So what’s the difference?


Preferred Customer

  • A preferred customer means you sign up for an auto-delivery.  Meaning, Nerium AD will be shipped automatically to your house every month.  By choosing to become a preferred customer, you will receive the lowest price on Nerium AD.  It also allows you take advantage of the fabulous 3 UR Free program.  Refer 3 of your friends to sign up as a preferred customer and your bottle will ship FREE.  The only charge you’ll receive is the $9.95 shipping charge.  To learn more about 3 ur free, please click here.



Purchase Now $80.00 a month

Retail Bottle

  You will receive the same sized bottle, same product as the $80.00 Preferred Customer bottle.  The difference is, you will not receive the discounted rate and will be charged a one time fee of $110 plus shipping and tax.  Retail bottles are not eligible to participate in the program- 3 ur free.

The retail option is still sold with a 30 day money back guarantee.  So, on the off chance you experience an allergic reaction or simply don’t care for the product~ just return it and receive your money back!

One Time $110 Purchase

Nerium AD 5 day Sample Instructions

Nerium AD 5 day Sample Instructions

If you just received your 5 day sample of Nerium AD, follow the instructions below.

It’s hard to see any big changes to your skin within the 5 day trial period.  Some people might notice a softer texture or a slight reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.  But the true power of the product comes with consistent and continuous usage.  Mainly, during this time period we are making sure you are not experiencing an adverse reaction.

Nerium AD comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  To experience the full potential of Nerium, you might consider ordering a bottle with comfort of knowing they will refund you if you contact them before the 30 day mark passes.

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NOTE:  Please keep your original invoice as well as the box it arrived in.  If you are unhappy with your purchase and want to return the product contact me and I will be happy to assist you in getting your money back guarantee.  

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How to Apply Nerium AD

How to apply Nerium AD

Nerium AD is a night cream proven to reduce the appearance of fine

lines, wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture and aging skin.


How to use Nerium AD

After cleansing your face thoroughly,  apply 4-5 pumps of Nerium AD to your  face and neck.  Apply to slightly damp (not dripping) skin for optimal absorption.  Massage the product into your skin until it’s completely absorbed.

You’ll notice that your skin will begin to tighten and firm up, this is normal and just means Nerium AD is beginning to work.

Go to sleep and in the morning rinse the product off of your face and neck.

Nerium AD can also be applied to other areas of concern.  I place it on my hands, since those tend to age faster than our face.

WARNING:  Designed for adult use, this product is a dermatological cream for topical and external use only.



         When can I expect to see results?


Nerium AD’s clinical research shows an average of 30% reduction to fine lines & wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and aging skin.  While results with Nerium AD are happening quickly, expect to see some changes in about 4 weeks.   The clinical trial participants were studied for 1 month.

We all want instant results but have to remind ourselves that it took years for our skin issues to appear on our face so give the product some time to work!  The greatest results come with time and consistent use.

You might notice some tone and texture changes within the first few days, many people often do notice those results within the first week or two.

BE SURE to take your before photos, even though a 30% reduction seems like a lot, it’s hard to see changes with our own eyes.

Make sure the photos are clear and close up of the problem areas.  This way you’ll be able to notice the gradual changes!


Purchase today











NeriumAD and 3 ur Free

 Get NeriumAD for FREE 

One of the most fabulous promotions NeriumAD offers is the 3 UR FREE program!  You heard it right, there is a way for you to receive NeriumAD FREE each month!  Since nothing beats free- here are the details to help you work on getting your favorite product for free.

  • When you signed up to become a Preferred Customer (on the monthly auto-delivery) you were given a website.  This website is your username .  It should be in your welcome email from Nerium International.
  • That website, is the site where you can refer people to.  At the bottom left of the page there is a box which says purchase.  They would click on that box!
  • Next, they would fill out the information needed for preferred customer.

Once you have 3 preferred customers, your product then becomes free (you do have to pay $9.95 for shipping)

  • You have the entire calendar month to refer friends.  At the last day of the month- if you get 3 preferred customers signed up- your next months bottle ships free!
  • You will continue to get bottles free each month as long as you have 3 active preferred customers.

Do I get this even if I am not signed up to sell NeriumAD?

  • Yes, this program is built for the customers as well as the sellers (Brand Partners)

What is I get 6 preferred customers?

  • If you get 6 preferred customers, you would be eligible for 2 free bottles.  Just be sure that when you are eligible you go into the computer and switch your quantity to 2 bottles.
  • If you happen to get 9 preferred customers – you would then be eligible for 3 bottles.  Again you would have to update you quantity to ship 3.
  • They cap it at 3 free bottles.

What if they are unhappy with their purchase?

What if they want to cancel their auto-delivery, how hard is it?




Reaction to NeriumAD?

 Cosmetic Products Causing An Allergic Reaction 

The majority of us can use our beauty products daily and never have a single reaction.  Any one of us could suffer a reaction to any product.  In fact, according to the FDA around 25% of people have reported a reaction to a beauty product.

While Nerium AD is designed for all different skin types, there are still going to be some individuals who will suffer an irritation or allergy to the product.  NeriumAD has been used by close to 1,000,000 customers with very few reports of adverse reactions.  With those results, NeriumAD actually falls below the normal rate of adverse reactions. (Stats from Nerium International.)

If you know your skin tends to be sensitive to products, perform a patch test prior to use.  To do so, apply a small amount of NeriumAD or whatever product is in question on the inner part of the forearm.  According to webMD- If a reaction occurs during the patch test (to any product)  in 48-72 hours –  Stop use and do not re-apply.

 Adverse reaction or adjustment period? 

In cosmetic beauty products there are two types of reactions which can occur.

  • Irritant contact dermatitis – which would be mild burning, stinging or itching along with redness of the skin.
  • Allergy contact dermatitis -  a true allergy to one of the ingredients which would show severe redness, swelling, itching, and possibly blisters.

If any of these reactions occur with any beauty product- webMD states to discontinue use.

At times, there can be an adjustment period between 3 to 4 days where the skin needs to become acclimated to the cosmetic products.  These symptoms can be similar to that of an irritant dermatitis.

-          First make sure you are following the directions correctly.

-          Rule out interactions if you’re using different products.  Sometimes, individuals can have irritation from the facial cleanser or even moisturizer lotion.

-          Try using a mild cleanser (I use cetaphil and a hypoallergenic moisturizer)

If symptoms continue, this might be more than just an adjustment period.  Discontinue use and consult your treating Dermatologist or Physician.

I know for me personally, I have an issue with sensitive skin.  I performed a 48 hour patch test and did not have a reaction.  Shortly in, my face had a very mild burn to it.  So, I knew I could be having sensitivity due to other products.  I switched to a very mild face cleanser (one that did not have any acidic ingredients) and my skin then reacted fine.

***  This is not indented as Medical Advice.  If you are experiencing a reaction to NeriumAD or any skin care product I would advice you to discontinue use of the product and follow-up with your dermatologist or treating physician to assess and diagnose the reaction ***

Resources: Nerium International, WebMD



How to cancel NeriumAD Auto-Delivery

Question:  I want to purchase Nerium AD on auto-ship but read a review online that said people couldn’t cancel it and it continued to charge their credit card.  What is the cancellation of the auto-delivery like?  Would I be able to cancel it?  Have your customer’s had a hard time cancelling?

Answer:  Sometimes the reviews online can be misleading or inaccurate.  I can assure you that the review you read online is indeed an inaccurate one.   While I have not had many customers cancel, the cancellation process is very easy.  I will include multiple ways to do so,  since there are  several options to choose from.  You can call, email, fax, or do it yourself!

  • Contact your brand partner- or sponsor for further assistance if you need to cancel.  If I am your brand partner- give me a call and we can get you cancelled right away.  Or email me by clicking here.
  • EMAIL:  You can submit a support ticket to Nerium.  Be sure to click the button, auto-delivery order changes.  Be sure to include your first and last name, email address, as well as your nerium username and Customer ID if you have that available.
  • CALL:  If you do not have access to the internet, you may contact Nerium International Support  via phone call.  Be sure to include your website (username)  information and customer ID number – if you know it.  Call (855) 463-7486
  • FAX: You may fax the form I provided below to 214.390.9988


To do it yourself, it’s very easy.  Follow the step by step

instructions below.


  • Go to your website. (USERNAME ).
  •  Sign in – upper right corner of the page.
  • Enter your username and password (which was in a welcome email sent to you by nerium when you signed up.  Or contact your brand partner for this information if they signed you up.)
  • Once you’re logged in click on the Products tab
  • Then click, My Auto Delivery.
  • Scroll down, you will see your auto delivery all the way at the bottom.
  • All the way to the right of your auto-delivery there is  EDIT  DELETE buttons.
  • Click DELETE.
  •  Now, when you log- it should be blank.

And there you have it!  It’s not impossible to cancel.  Nerium won’t continue to charge your credit card, unless you want them to, that is!  You have complete access to erase and stop your own auto-delivery.


  • If you would like to fax in the cancellation form- print the below form.  You may also email this form to


Is my sunscreen too old?

 Is My Sunscreen Too Old? 

Dermatologist recommend sunscreen should be used every day, not just during the summer months.  If you follow that recommendation you will never have to worry about the expiration date.

  •      If you happen to stumble across a bottle, follow these guidelines below.
  •  The FDA states all sunscreens need to maintain their original strength for 3 years.
  • Although not required, some sunscreens may include an expiration date.  If that date has passed, be sure to throw out your bottle.  (you may also get into the habit of writing the date you purchased it- that way you’ll know when it’s time to toss it)
  • If the color or consistency seems off, it’s probably time to purchase a new bottle.
  • Lastly, when in doubt, throw it out!


References:  American Academy of Dermatology and FDA.

Photo Credit: Cosmos

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